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Why the use of technology in education is no longer a choice!

A look at Dewey, 1961!


Vygotsky – ZPD (1978)











Early Learning Technology

Evaluating current classroom practice.

Early days ….















  1. What are some of the observations from the picture above?

What the learning space looks like at the moment …


  1. What are your observations here?
  2. What are the similarities between the two?
  3. What can you conclude about the use of technology over the years?

Defining Technology in an educational context.

“Educational technologies are often viewed not only as solutions to real or perceived inadequacies of traditional instruction, but also as tools for reducing the inequities in educational opportunities around the world” (Amiel & Reeves, 2008, p. 29). For example, Calculators, radio and Cabled TV.

A frequent perception people have of educational technologies is that they are electronic tools or devices, such as a calculator, computer or a phone. Technology is not a product and instead is a process (Amiel & Reeves, 2008, p. 32).

And the process in an educational context is pedagogy.

Lessons learnt – PLATO Case Study
Possibly the first use of a computer in education – dating back to year 1960!

Over the years ……

external image turkey73.jpg

By year 1973, PLATO had social elements such as personal notes (emails), Talkomatic (Chat-rooms), Talk-term (IM), Monitor Mode (Screen-sharing) and emoticons ( 🙂 etc).

New faces of a learner.


Need for new pedagogies ….
Where to from here? TPACK 2.0