Technology as a creative partner—Unlocking learner potential


In many instances where technology is considered for learning and teaching, it is done without any pedagogical reasoning or within traditional practices. This limits the role that technology could play in enhancing the learning experience and learning. While the intangible aspect of technology such as communication, collaboration, co-creation and sharing have the potential to significantly impact on student learning, the tangible affordances of technology made possible by 3D printers or Arduino cards can also play a critical role in student cognitive and creative development.

Using Authentic Learning and Pedagogy 2.0 as frameworks for the redesign of a first year computing course, the use of mobile social media tools, Arduino and emerging 3D technologies were embedded in the learning process. The project used a design-based research approach to create and evaluate a learning environment that focused on:

  • social and active learning
  • encouraging students as creators of content and contexts
  • promoting creative thinking.

Conceptual overview

Project outcome

Narayan, V. (2013). Technology as a creative partner: Unlocking learner potential and learning. In H. Carter, M. Gosper, & J. Hedberg (Eds.), Electric Dreams: 30th ASCILITE Conference Proceedings (pp. 612-621). Sydney, Australia: ASCILITE.