Alt-C 2012 Augmented learning – Spreading your wings beyond the classroom

(Created in 2011—Backup from Wikispaces)



This is a collaborative project between two departments at Unitec, Department of Communication and Performing and Screen Arts.
The students enrolled in PASA 4301 and COMM 4435 collaborate to creative digital artefacts.

Comm 4435 – Digital World

To develop an understanding of how contemporary media forms and practices influence communication.
Learning outcomes:

  1. Identify historical factors influencing the significance of digital technology in contemporary communication
  2. Discuss and interpret differences between media in a digital environment.
  3. Identify and explore key elements of the relationship between contemporary and traditional media.
  4. Demonstrate basic awareness of digital media concepts through practical applications.


PASA 4301 – Moving Images

To explore the moving image as a communication medium in contemporary society and culture, and gain an ability to analyse and make use of selected media forms.
Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explore, describe and discuss the moving image as a means of communication and its influences on contemporary culture.
  2. Explore the creative processes involved in creating work for screen.


Project Aim

The project aims to enable student created content and context through the use of mobile Web 2.0 technologies. Some tools used in the course:

  • iPad 2
  • iPhone 4
    • WordPress – Blogging
    • Twitter – Micro-blogging
    • Garage Band – Music/Audio
    • iMovie – Moving Images