Authentic Web 2.0

Authentic learning and Web 2.0 – Completing the equation

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Definition: Web 2.0 is inclusive of Mobile/portable technologies.


Vickel Narayan
Teaching and Learning Consultant, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand
Formerly: Academic Advisor, Unitec New Zealand.Twitter: vnarayan

Chris Lovegrove
Lecturer (Marine Technology)
Faculty of Built Environment
Unitec New Zealand



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What it used to be.


What we did.

Reconceptualisation of learning and teaching – Student-generated content

“….. technology is not being used innovatively in education. It is both a strength and a weakness that technology can sit quite comfortably within current approaches to education; it is a strength that we can stay with those educational practices we are most used to, but this is also its weakness.” (Reeves, 1997, p. 220).


What the students did.

Videos – Playlist on YouTube

Pictures: Two projects in as many semester.

Semester One – Pictures
Semester Two – Pictures

Student Blogs

Chris Owens
Yong Tae
Andrew Wilson


Conversations, conversations and conversations 🙂 (With self, with others, with the teacher and outside experts – online and F2F)
Tacit and Explicit Knowledge

Lecturer Feedback

What some students had to say.

Refer to this blog post to read other student feedback

Web 2.0 and Authentic Learning?

Changes achieved











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