About me

MeVickel Narayan is a Learning and Teaching Consultant at the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CfLAT) at the Auckland University of Technology.

PhD (Murdoch), MComp, PGDComp, GDHE, BSc (Comp Sc & Info Sys)

I am a teaching and learning consultant at the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Auckland University of Technology. I have a keen interest in Web 2.0 technologies and its potential to engage students and teachers in the teaching and learning process. I am particularly interested in exploring Web 2.0 tools for creating, nurturing and maintaining virtual communities, social connectedness and fostering social constructivism. I recently completed my PhD that utilised a design-based research approach to investigate how mobile and social media tools could be embedded in a course to foster autonomy and student-driven and determined learning (Heutagogy).

My more recent focus has been investigating mobile AR/VR for enabling authentic learning, and learner-generated content and context.

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