Are we going to see more complains like this in our classrooms, SOON?

A plea to ‘touch students’ hearts’

Need for change, going beyond just pre-packaged content in the classroom.

Jeff Bliss states the obvious. Maybe the forum he chose was not appropriate but what he says to his teacher makes complete sense. Jeff’s rant was captured by another student in the class ironically and uploaded to YouTube and has since received more than one million hit.

ABC News featured the clip and interviewed Jeff.

It’s interesting reading the comments posted regarding the video on YouTube. Some are questioning if he indeed was forced by his mother to go back to school since Jeff had dropped out of class year before. Or  as he himself says it in his interview, he now realises the importance of education in his life. And maybe from his prior learning experience sensed that he was going through the same old boring ‘bum on seat’ teaching approach that didn’t work for him the first time.

Much has been said about the need to change our approach in the classroom. However, traditional teaching methods unfortunately still govern the classrooms. Achieving the transformation we have been talking about for many years now still eludes practitioners around the world.


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