Love your iPad? Try out possibly the best app for blogging #edtech

Blogsy is a powerful app for use on the iPad! It is not free but the $7 paid is worth it! Having used a few blogging apps on the iPad (free and paid), I have to say blogsy is probably the best. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Advanced formatting bar, better then any app I have used on the iPad
  2. Brings most of the widely used Web 2 tools together into one easy to use user interface, some tools: YouTube, flicker, picasa, Google search, and many more you can add.
  3. Drag and drop interface – meaning you don’t have to now worry about HTML tags etc to insert YouTube videos or pictures from picasa or flicker.
  4. There are many things – you need to try Blogsy for yourself to find out.
  5. PS – I am not associated with Blogsy in anyway – just that as a user and having tried quite a few blogging apps, I just found this to be the best in every way. Specially if your students blog using their iPad ….

Example of a picture insert from picasa

Example YouTube video – just drag and drop



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