What has changed?

What has changed?

We have better equipment, most rooms now have a projector and a smartboard but that’s about it. The pandemic that surrounds the lack of innovative and effective practice for enhanced learning is still the wide application of  traditional pedagogies with smart technologies! So in reality nothing has changed! We continue the same practice with new tools. And the implication of this as highlighted in this tweet by @tomwhitby (http://tomwhitby.wordpress.com)

“If we continue to teach as we were taught, we will be doomed to live in the past as we move to the future! “

Back then:



  1. New technology
  2. better seats
  3. Whiteboard (has progressed from Blackboard :-D)
  1. Passive role of the students (sit and listen)
  2. Sage on stage – delivery of information/knowledge to the students
  3. classroom setup – rows and columns
Time for a change:
Involve the students in what we are doing. Better, you get involved in what the students are doing. It’s about them, their future is on the line. Knowing is not enough to survive in this world, but continuously finding ways of knowing what you don’t know is. This is where technology helps the most. It helps by enabling a medium by which you can give feedback, and guide the students when needed. It enables learners to be active knowledge seekers and generators. It allows them (learners) to bring into learning their own experience and knowledge – a level of ownership and this ensures sustained engagement since they are solving a problem closure to their heart rather than something you have pitched (Authentic Learning).



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