Future of Computing and Learning …iPad,iPhone – iDock


The problem

Okay so in brief this is the story …… I have an iPhone, iPad, a Netbook (Dell mini 9), MacBook Pro and and Mac Mini ….you would ask where do I use all this technology and what for:

  1. iPhone – almost everytime, probably the best investment of all the technology
  2. iPad – in meetings and as an entertainment unit
  3. Netbook – sometimes use it, haven’t used it for a while now …. but are handy in conferences due ti its portability
  4. MacBook Pro – @ work and home when I need something decent to work on
  5. Mac mini – well again use it only when I feel I don’t need to use the MacBook pro ……have to start it up, connect to power …….. Mac mini is always convenient, just jump on and get started….

So where does the iDock concept fit in the already long list of things at home and work?

Well the iDock is to solve the problem. The new iPhone 4 comes with a A4 processor (1GHz speed), 512MB RAM …… well if this is the way than future phones will be much faster with bigger RAM meaning almost as powerful as a normal desktop or a laptop or even faster …… let’s put it this way, there is more potential …. the number of apps on Apple store for iPhone is growing at an exponential rate … not just growing but growing with more features enabling the ability to do more on a cellphone. For example things possible on an iPhone: editing Videos, Audio, Pictures, Edit/Create Documents (excel, ppt, word an more), eMails, web browsing, entertainment (high end graphics better than same desktop and laptop games, geo-tagging, and more)

The iPhone (or other smartphones) will have the capability to perform complex and big tasks almost the same as a computer …… the iDock concept does what a docking station for a laptop does …. provides more power and ability such as USB ports, monitor out, printer port etc. The iDock will do the same and in doing so convert the iPhone into a desktop computer …. better, it allows the user to carry important documents and data on the phone and still have to power to do anything at anytime…… the iDock will provide a DVD drive, USB, Firewire and monitor out this of-course depends on Apple and other smartphone manufacturers to open the platform and upgrade the hardware in future handsets to allow these capabilities …… it’s not that we don’t have the technology or ability it’s more that we need time and perhaps vision from leading phone manufacturers to take this further.

How it will work?

Dock your iPhone on the iDock and away you go. Plug in the peripheral devices you use for example, USB keyboard, an external monitor and perhaps an external harddrive. The iDock is a dumb unit (meaning it has no operating system), the iPhone and the apps on the iPhone is the main unit. Although the iDock may have RAM and a processor to ease the load on the iPhone processor, it is to ‘enhance’ the ability on the iPhone. The apps on the iPhone are like apps you have on a desktop or laptop.

The way things are moving at the moment, you wouldn’t really need a huge processor to perform your tasks. Cloud computing is growing at the same rate as the smartphones are growing in power and ability perhaps leveraging off each others success and complementing each others strengths and weaknesses.

What is the future than?

The future is cloud computing and in mobile technology like smartphones. Ubiquitous computing – being everywhere and having the power of a computer and more in your hand.


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