>What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is a voice forum.
Let me call it ‘second generation’ discussion forum and I’ll call the text discussion boards present in Moodle, Blackboard and websites ‘first generation’. Unlike the first generation discussion forums that are mainly textual, VoiceThread takes 1st gen discussion forum to another level. You can now have online discussions without even typing a word! You can post a video, picture or simply a small introductory voice message to get the discussion going. People posting replies to your forum can do it either by posting a voice message or typing in a response. The VoiceThread environment offers you all the tools necessary to do this, meaning you don’t need to open or install any additional application, all you need is a mic and a speaker on your computer to get started and these are standard in almost all computer.

7 things you should know about VoiceThread (EDUCAUSE article (pdf)) does a great job on explaining what VoiceThread is all about and its implications for teaching and learning.

Below is an example VoiceThread is use:



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